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All the info you need to allow you to send me some money

MoneyI especially like those 4 digit notes on the right

If for whatever reason you'd like to donate any money to me (or owe me some) you can transfer them direcly to my bank account for which you'll find details below.

Maciej Urbaniak

Credit Suisse AG
CH-8045 Zürich
IBAN CH05 0483 5044 6453 8000 0

I also have a bank account in Poland. If you wiring money from Poland or in polish currency PLN this might be a better choice. For all other currencies please use my Credit Suisse acocunt in Switzerland.

Maciej Urbaniak

Citibank Handlowy SA
00-923 Warszawa
IBAN PL63 1030 0019 0109 8518 0165 4199

I also accept PayPal. If this is your preferred way to wire money then feel free to use the button below please.

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