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Info about me

Some history

Maciej Urbaniak

My name is Maciej Urbaniak. I was born in Gdynia, Poland in 1969. In 1986 I emigrated to Australia, where I completed my tertiary education in Electronics and Computer Science. Got married to my long time girlfriend, Gosia in 1988. Our first child, Karolina was born in 1991.

In 1994 I have decided to go back to Poland. This did not last and we soon ended up back in Australia. Short while later, just after our second daughter Justyna was born in 1996, I was offered a role as Lead Developer and Architect working for company called Mocom Corporation in Hong Kong. This was a major change in my career as it was my first experience working on financial systems. Previous to that I was working on high-tech projects for companies like James Hardie, Aristocrat, ADI (Australian Defence Industries) and CrossComm Corp.

In 1998 I had enough of HK and decided to head back to Europe. I got an offer from Credit Suisse in Zurich, Switzerland and stayed there for the whole five years. This was great but I never liked to spend too much time in one place and family was really eager to go back to Poland again so I got a job with Intel Corp. in Gdansk. Back to homeland and high-tech industry.

Early in 2007 we got ourselves a new family member, a wonderful Schnauzer Scotty. Once again, history repeated itself and I was really longing for Switzerland again. Somehow I could not find myself in Poland. My guess is that I was living for to long abroad and I could not get used to living and working there. Four years later, in 2007, I was back in Switzerland working for Credit Suisse again.

And now, in 2009 I'm still living in Switzerland. I don't think I'll be leaving Switzerland any time soon. For now I'm here and I'm happy.

To see my professional profile please go to my LinkedIn page and for social one see Facebook


Maciej Urbaniak

My primary hobby is scuba diving but I do very much enjoy skiing in winter (after all I live in Switzerland) as well as cycling in summer.

My adventure with diving has begun in 2001 while on holiday in Tenerife, Canary Islands. This is where together with a friend of mine, Krzysiek, I have completed my OWD (Advanced Open Water) course and gained certification. Since then I have progressed through ranks, Advanced OWD, Rescue Diver and finally in 2006 Divemaster with few hundred logged dives. I also have a IANTD Nitrox Enriched Air certification. You can read more on various diving certifications and what not on PADI pages and also more on my own experiences on my diving page.


My native language is Polish but I fluently speak English, basic German as well as Russian, Slovak, Czech and Croatian.

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