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Step-by-step directions for driving

My Favourite Car

These days most modern cars are equipped with a GPS unit which makes life so much easier. If you have such a device then enter into it my address which you can find on Contact page, and follow the instructions. But not all of us are lucky (actually some call it a curse) and have one of those life saving devices. For those of you I've prepared instructions below.

As I cannot provide a detailed directions from each and every possible start location, I have chosen Zurich Airport as a starting point. You can easily change the start address by following the link under the map below to Google Maps site and then choosing different start address and getting new directions.

Below you'll find a Google Map with the graphical representation of the route. For detailed step-by-step instructions follow the link below the map to Google Maps site.

I've chosen the route that follows A1 motorway via Nordring, then A4 Westring and finally through the Uetliberg Tunnel to A3 Motorway. Just follow signs towards Chur. Once on A3 take Adliswil exit and follow instructions from Google Maps. Once you reach Isengrundstrasse, you should be able to find one of those Blue Zone parking spots to park your car.

It seems like a long way round the Zurich City but trust me, it's just as fast or even faster then driving through the city center. Major road works are everywhere (including every possible route due south) and it's a mess. Default route from Google Maps will take you through the City center, your choice! But don't say you haven't been warned :-)

BTW, you can always take Public Transport. It's easy and sometimes much faster then driving.

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