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Site update subscription


Here you can subscribe to the email messages that will be sent when this web site be updated or new content be added. Please use the form below to enter your valid email address. There is no extra validation of the email. Some sites send you a validation email requesting confirmation to the subscription. I do not do so. There's no point. I do not publish regular news nor bulletins. All this is for is to notify you of any changes, updates or additions to this website. Main focus is on adding new photo galleries.

Just enter your email address in the textbox below and then hit submit. If your email address is not in the database then the subscription will be created. If you've subscribed before and wish to unsubscribe, follow the same procedure, once the email address is found in the datadase, it'll toggle the subscription and you will be removed from the distribution list. It's that simple!


I do not nor will not use your email address to send any spam to your inbox. I'm not affiliated with any commercial website nor I do sell any goods or services. I do not even look at the distribution list to check the email addresses any more then to check if the addresses are valid and to make sure I do not have any automated robots subscribing etc.


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