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Info about cameras I use

Nikon at War

I'm not going to review any camera in detail. This is not the right place and there is a wealth of information already available online. One of the best online resources for digital photography available on the internet is Ken Rockwell's page. His main focus are Nikon and Canon SRLs, both film and digital, as well as compacts. You'll also find a wealth of general photography tips on his howto pages.

For a detailed reviews of various cameras I suggest you visit either Digital Photography Review, Steve's Digicams or Digital Camera Resource Page. I still recommend you read as much as you can on Ken's page for a wealth of information on Nikon, Canon (also lenses) and general info and tips on photography.

Currently I use 3 cameras, digital SLR Nikon D60, Panasonic DMC-FX9 compact and for underwater photography I have recenly revived my old Canon S45 compact together with WP-DC300 Waterproof Case by Canon.

I also have same old 35mm film cameras which I don't use much anymore but every now and again I feel very nostalgic about them. When it comes to image quality film cameras win with DSLRs That's the fact. When in cames to image quality and image sharpness film cameras are a winners. The major benefit (as I see) of the modern DSLRs are speed, ease of use as well as turnaround time. Instead of having to wait for the film to be developed, you can see the result immediately on the camera's LCD. Read more on Ken's page.

You can read about my film cameras on Other page.

Please use the navigation links to the left to navigate to pages describing these cameras in detail.

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